Commercial & Residential applications

Our umbrellas and gazebos are very popular in hotels, restaurants, resorts and golf estates.

Whether you are developing or renovating, the distinctive stepped reed umbrella or gazebo will enhance the appearance of most surroundings and bring in welcome cool shade and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Cape thatching reed products are great for the outdoor use in any climate. Its natural insulating properties offer excellent thermal efficiency, keeping the temperature cooler in summer while retaining maximum internal heat in winter.

Cape reed tiles provide maximum UV protection and they are virtually waterproof. They can withstand high velocity winds

Hotels, beaches and resorts

  • beach umbrellas
  • pool areas
  • game lodges
  • restaurants and pubs

Public entertainment areas

  • theme and water parks
  • golf course shelters
  • other rest areas

Places of business

  • car-ports
  • conference rooms

Home and garden

  • entertainment areas
  • gazebos and umbrellas
  • poolside and bar shade
  • garden rooms and offices