The Garden Route Thatch

Supplies quality and fairly priced

Cape Reed Thatch and Cape Reed Thatch Products
to clients worldwide.

In the best possible turnaround time.

Without compromise on quality or ethics.

Garden Route Thatch is an equal opportunity employer.

Potential distributors are welcome to contact us to discuss a possible distribution agreement.
Our Vision

Garden Route Thatch is run in an efficient, trustworthy and reputable manor. Our Cape Reed thatch products range is of the highest quality, well recognized and sought after by local and international distributors on regular and continues basis.

Our Mission

We aim to add value to our harvested Cape Reed Thatch in the most efficient way. Our clients enjoy working with us and enjoy working with our products.

Our product quality and the level of our service – must over and above satisfy our client’s expectations. We are the only Cape Reed Thatch products manufacturer in South Africa, that has it’s own Cape Reed Thatch supply.

We efficiently apply our relevant technical know-how and manage well the flexible and efficient manufacturing process.

Our objective

To make a recognizably, the longest lasting and best-looking Cape Reed Thatch products in the market. The quality must be so good that it is easily detected and differentiated from that of our competitors.

Our value framework

We conduct our business in an honest, fair and professional manor. We meet our obligations towards our employees and provide them with training and motivation towards working satisfaction and growth.

We observe our responsibility and guardianship towards our natural resource, Cape Reed Thatch, conserving this precious resource for future generations.